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Wildlife Removal Services

At Awesome Animal Control, we specialize in Wildlife Removal, Conservation and Damage Restoration.

Serving South Bend and surrounding area for years, you can count on Awesome Animal Control to provide a turn-key solution for all your wildlife removal problems.

With years of dedicated service, Awesome Animal Control has become extremely well known for our ability to resolve conflicts that occur when people and animals live in the same area. Awesome Animal Control is a full-service, family owned wildlife removal company and we do far more than just capture or remove animals and exclude them from your home or business.

We truly care about these animals and we make every effort possible to return them to their natural habitat where the animals are happy and so are you!

Is there a chirping sound coming from your chimney?

Does it sound like something is moving furniture on your roof at night?

Did a skunk visit your home and spray your dog, which then chased it under your porch?


Our goal is to remove and relocate nuisance animals safely, at a reasonable cost to the home or business owner, and prevent the problem from recurring. So whether it’s a squirrel in your attic, or a skunk in the crawlspace, we specialize in efficient and safe capture.

Welcome to Awesome Animal Control

We are nestled in the heart of South Bend. At Awesome Animal Control, we specialize in the Rescue, Removal, Conservation and Damage Restoration. We strive to resolve conflicts that occur when people and animals live in the same area; in the most humane, ethical and environmentally sound methods available. We operate a full-service wildlife company, and do far more than just capture and remove animals; we provide a complete solution. We specialize in small game animals. Additionally, we strive to provide you with the most ethical, and environmentally sound animal removal.

We service a wide area and may travel to areas where our help is needed outside our regular service area on a case by case basis.

Animals we can help with

MolesOppossumSnapping TurtleFeral Cats

Services we provide

Preliminary InspectionsChimney CapsDamage Repair
Live TrappingDead Animal RemovalPreventative Exclusion
Bird and Pigeon ControlRoof PatchingOdor Control
Waste Removal and DecontaminationEntry Point DesignationAttic Restoration

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