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Squirrels may look cute and adorable when you watch them play gleefully with each other and rummage around for food in your yard. But when they wind their way inside your home and nest in your attic it’s an entirely different matter.

As squirrels make their way into your home, they leave a trail of damage to soffits, fascia boards, sidings and exhaust fans, among others. Once an entry point has been made and they have built a nest in your attic, your woes will be compounded further with their urine and droppings. They may also destroy the items stored in the attic and even chew electrical wires which, in turn, can lead to fires.

How do you know when squirrels have invaded your home? Here are a few tell-tale signs.

If you notice squirrels running on utility lines, the roof of your home, the attic or the chimney, it is highly likely that you have a few unwanted guests living in the attic. Squirrels that have nested in the attic will also chew on the bark of young trees and eat garden plants and they will leave their droppings behind. Running, scratching and fighting noises in the attic, chimney, walls or vents are also signs that you have squirrels inside the home. Finally, if you inspect your attic and find damage to the insulation, sidings and soffits along with chewed wires, that’s a sign that you have a squirrel infestation.

In order to prevent these creatures from getting inside your home, there are a few things that you can do. First, make sure that tree limbs are at least six feet away from your home. Seal previous entry points and reinforce possible spots for new entry points, or replace rotting wood. If your home has a chimney, make sure to install caps on these.

When it comes to attic squirrel removal, there are a few things that you want to avoid. First, you do not want to trap the squirrel inside the attic. You also should not use a smoke bomb or shoot the squirrel with a pellet gun. There are many sprays, lights and radios on the market that make big claims, but in the end most are a waste of money and may even cause harm to you and your family.

There are a wide variety of useful tactics that you can try including using traps or glue boards. When it comes to effectively removing squirrels and keeping them out, however, your best option is to call in experts like Awesome Animal Control. With our experience and expertise, we can resolve your nuisance animal problem, including squirrels, in the safest and quickest manner, permanently.

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