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Chimney Cap Installation

We are a Copperfield Chimney Products-Homesaver Chimney Caps dealer installer. Our caps are heavy duty stainless steel with Lifetime Warranty.

Custom single, multi flue, round, Windbeater, Easyclean, polished Copper and European Copper which comes with a pre-aged finish patina are available. We also offer Stainless Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel and Aluminum chase covers.

Our Lyemance and Lock Top energy saving dampers seals out moisture to extend chimney life, are energy efficient-seals in warmth and energy, keeps animal out, stops downdrafts and helps prevent chimney odors. Lifetime Warranty.

For those with chimney or wood burning stove draft problems, we offer; Draw Collar Draft Enhancer, Air Supply Ventilator and Energex Chimney Fan to solve the worst draft problems created by poor circulation.

Probably the most neglected part of chimneys are the crowns. Those that are in good shape to slight weather cracks we offer Crown Coat Brushable Sealant to protect the crowns with a 15 year Warranty. For the crowns with more ice and water damage, we can brush away loose particles and trowel on CrownSeal a Premixed Flexible Waterproof Coating with a 10 year Warranty. Crowns with significant damage when most of the original crown is still there, we offer CrownSaver Crown Repair System. The system allows us to rebuild and waterproof damaged crowns in one trip, with a 10 year Warranty. All the products are handsome when installed and greatly adds beauty and value to the home.

One of the most common animal entry points are dryer vents. We offer new style dryer vent closure that closes and stays closed preventing cold and warm air from entering the home as well as animals. We also offer stainless steel, power coated, Lifetime Warranty dryer vent covers for your existing dryer vent. They are the last dryer vent cover you will ever buy! Guaranteed, Lifetime Warranty!

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