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Chipmunk Removal

They may be cute, but if you have a lot of them around your house you might be wondering how to get rid of chipmunks.  Most complaints are due to their habitual digging and burrowing, which typically manifests as:

  • Tunnels and holes being dug around homes and in landscaping
  • Lawns and gardens being dug up
  • Chipmunks nesting in stone walls and sometimes even house walls

Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Chipmunks differ from rats and mice in that they aren’t typically in-house pests, although they do find their way into crawl spaces and attics once in a while. Their habit of burrowing tends to lead them down into the ground rather than into your home, but this can cause damage depending on where it is. When a chipmunk digs and burrows, it can destabilize the earth and if that’s underneath a deck or your steps, it can be a problem.

Gardeners often find themselves wondering how to get rid of chipmunks because of the damage they can do. Their taste for things like tomatoes and bird seed can be annoying. Chipmunks will also steal birds’ eggs if they get the chance, and thus contribute to the deaths of many songbirds each year.

There are some things you can try towards getting rid of chipmunks humanely. For starters, make your yard less appealing by removing clutter and debris and sealing any foundation cracks or holes. Forget about using scent deterrents such as mothballs or fox urine—chipmunks will simply avoid the area and find another place to burrow. Statues of predators such as owl aren’t effective either; chipmunks are smarter than you might think.

If you’re unsuccessful at keeping them away, give Awesome Animal Control a call. We’re great at getting rid of chipmunks humanely so you can rest easy and enjoy your landscape and are happy to help you identify the best way to keep them at bay moving forward.


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