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Funk Be Gone – 5 Ways to Get Rid of Skunks

Pepe le Pew

Skunks are these cute little creatures with this very special ability to become quite awful when they need to. If you see them roaming around in the wild, you’re likely to smile and think them quite adorable, but don’t move a muscle when they’re nearby or chances are, you’ll be repulsing people and bathing in tomato juice for several hours. When skunks are startled or feel threatened, they spray their predators or attackers with a foul-smelling liquid (and with great accuracy). The funky scent is so vile, it doesn’t go away easily, and if you’ve wound up the unfortunate target of the real-life Pepe Le Pew, expect to be banished and excommunicated until you stop triggering everyone’s gag reflex.

As cute as they are, if you see skunks on your property, don’t encourage them to return because it’s hard to determine exactly what will trigger them to spray. They can be quite vicious, too. But how do you keep them out? Pest control experts share five ways to get rid of skunks effectively (without enticing them to come back) that you can try, and they don’t require you to get anywhere near them.

Deny them food. Get rid of rubbish on your property and deal with your grub problem because these are what lure Pepe Le Pew and Flower (Bambi’s friend) in. If they can’t find edibles on your land, there’s less likelihood you’ll find them strolling around.

Turn a spotlight on them. Skunks don’t like light and they mostly avoid well-lit locations. If you find a skunk roaming in your yard, turn the light on them and they just might run away.

Use your sprinklers. Better yet – try motion-activated sprinklers because these will turn on the moment skunks find their way to your lawn. This just might scare them off.

Hire the pros. This is your best bet, especially if the earlier tactics failed to work. Professionals know the most effective ways to get rid of skunks safely and can help prevent unwanted visits from skunks in the future. This is actually the best solution if you don’t want any guesswork and want the problem taken care of right away.

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