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Groundhogs, also known as Woodchucks and Whistlepigs, can be a real nuisance to gardeners and farmers. During the spring and summer, they eat around a pound and a half per day, as they store up fat for winter hibernation. Have a vegetable garden? Imagine losing 1 ½ pounds from it daily and you can understand why so many people are wondering how to get rid of groundhogs. Farmers even more so—they stand to lose a ton of money with groundhogs in the ‘hood.

Stealing food is not the groundhog’s sole offense, however. Their burrowing can destroy the structural integrity of anyplace they inhabit, destroying farms, gardens and golf clubs. It’s no wonder so many people are looking for groundhog control, and there are lots of folk out there with advice to give. We suggest you let the professionals take care of groundhogs rather than trying yourself, and here’s why:

Groundhogs are dangerous.

The one in Caddyshack was cute and hilarious, but in real life, these animals are strong and aggressive, and can seriously injure or even kill humans and our pets.

Some call them Whistlepigs. That sounds kind of sweet, but if you ever hear a groundhog whistle, you’re in trouble. That’s their warning signal when they’re feeling scared and going into defensive mode.

Beaver trapping South Bend, IN

Beaver trapping South Bend, IN

There are lots of ineffective and harmful groundhog control “remedies” out there.

Some websites will advise you to use powders, pellets, ammonia and even car exhaust to repel groundhogs, but these are all ineffective and a waste of time and money. Spending time doing these things just gives them time to multiply, (which they do by as much as 4 each spring). Others will tell you to use ammonia, moth balls, powders and other deadly poisons that only get kicked aside by the groundhogs and left as dangers to pets and people. Plus, using these items goes against most states’ DNR control regulations.

Want to know how to get rid of groundhogs? Call in a professional team like the one at Awesome Animal Control. 866-604-6655

How do you prevent groundhogs? Contact us today. We’ll take care of the ones plaguing you now and help find the best approach to keeping them from coming back. In the long run, you will save yourself a lot of time, stress and money by handing the problem over to us.

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