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Preliminary Inspections

Most customers call us because they hear animals in their home. Everyone wants to know how much the animal removal service will cost. They don’t know how the animals got into the building, what species we’re dealing with or how many animals are in the building.

Though building inspections are what separates comprehensive full service wildlife control companies from pest control companies who want to charge you a “per animal fee” and trap as many animals as they can. Although many animals trapped looks impressive, most of the time it’s counterproductive, time consuming, expensive and many times inhumane and illegal.

DNR licensed Wildlife Control Operators are not supposed to trap every animal they can on any property: just the animals causing damage to the property. When traps are set on the ground, there’s no guarantee to catch the animal inside the building or the one causing damage to outside property. Every year thousands of lactating mother animals and their babies are sentenced to inhumane deaths because well-meaning people and unscrupulous pest control companies trap animals just passing by someone’s home during the night.

Our company examines the building, determines what kind of animals are causing damage, (what damage has been caused) and how the animals gained access to the property.  Then, we give an estimate to remove just the animals in, under or on the building:

Seal up the building to prevent other animals from entering;

Assess how much damage was caused and determine what repairs are needed.

Do you see a ladder on the “cheapest” company you hired truck? Pest control companies business has been built on “return” service calls, not permanent removal, prevention and damage repair. It’s job security for them to leave entry holes in buildings and urine soaked insulation to draw more animals. So they can give “trapping estimates” over the phone without even seeing the building.

Please understand that a complete preliminary inspection is the basis for obtaining this kind of comprehensive full service wildlife control. Removal, prevention and damage repair is what our company strives for, so if you are price shopping and just want ground trappers for a “per animal fee” please let me know during your initial call. We can limit our service to just trapping.

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