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Woodpecker removal Three Oaks, MI

Woodpecker removal Three Oaks, MI

Birds, in spite of their beauty and majesty, can become pests. They turn into a nuisance instead of awesome animals of flight when they invade your home or business. In the wild, spotting the most unique species of bird is something to look forward to, but that is when you’re on their turf. When they hang around yours, however, it’s an entirely different story.

Woodpeckers can peck at your home, your air conditioner, or siding. Pigeons can carry diseases, they could cause fungal growth, and their droppings can speed up the age of buildings and statues. Crows will get noisy (it’s no accident that a flock of crows is called a murder); the uric acid in their droppings can corrode metal, masonry, and stone. And these committed nest builders are often the cause of agricultural problems because they are known to eat corn and other newly-planted crops.

Whether or not you have a small garden with crops, it’s in your best interest to learn how to get rid of birds. With the amount of structural damage and potential health risks they pose, you need to take control and apply the following steps to prevent nuisance birds from taking over your property:

Identify what is attracting the birds to your property — and get rid of it.

First things first: Don’t take it personally. Birds don’t choose your home or building because they are “out to get you.” Birds pick properties based on what they can provide them, from readily available food to ideal roosting or nesting sites.

Crows, for example, sometimes love to eat from fruit trees and berry bushes. If you have those on your property, you might hear the kind of dreaded hoarse, cawing sound they make. Crows also find edible nibbles in bird baths and pet food. Meanwhile, woodpeckers like dead or diseased trees.

Get rid of what is attracting the birds to your property and you get rid of birds.

Use barriers and keep your yard trimmed to prevent bird infestation.

European starlings can get into any opening in your building. They also like to rest on trees. If you’ve noticed a lot of starlings on your property, you need to seal any opening over one inch and have your trees pruned and trimmed.

Using bird nets around your property will also prevent any bird from perching or hanging around your property. It’s also a humane and discreet way to keep birds out.

Baby Chimney Swift, Federally protected put back in it's nest. It's illegal to evict swifts, they must leave on their own in September. Long Beach, IN

Baby Chimney Swift, Federally protected put back in it’s nest. It’s illegal to evict swifts, they must leave on their own in September. Long Beach, IN

Call a Professional.

All wild birds, save for pigeons, starlings, and English sparrows, are protected by federal and state laws so they cannot be destroyed. A licensed and experience bird removal expert carries the sufficient permits and know-how to deal with certain birds on your property. Call one today if you want to get rid of birds.

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