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Many of our customers are frustrated by the time they call us to get rid of moles, and that’s typically because they’ve been using a pest control company that lacks our experience. A typical complaint is that “our pest control company has already been out to spray—twice!” The problem with sprays is that they don’t work. They kill grubs but they don’t kill worms, and worms are a mole’s primary food source. Besides, you don’t want to kill worms—they are essential to healthy soil and a healthy lawn or garden. If sprays like this were effective, we’d use them, but our years in this business have taught us otherwise.

Worse yet, the more you use ineffective means to control lawn moles, the smarter they get and the more difficult it becomes to eliminate them. If one of these novice pest control companies comes out and harasses the moles with poor trapping techniques, mole pellets, moth balls, Juice Fruit, Castor beans, human hairs and so on, they just sit back and watch, getting wiser to the situation by the minute.

Contrary to popular belief, moles aren’t blind. They have small eyes which are located deeper to protect them while they tunnel, and while they don’t have the greatest eyesight, they can still see. Their hearing is excellent, however, and their senses of touch, taste and smell are super smart. Getting rid of moles becomes more difficult after poor and ineffective techniques have been used.

What’s the Best Way to get rid of Moles?

If you really want to get rid of moles in your lawn or garden, call in the professionals at Awesome Animal Control at 866-604-6655. Our trapping technique has been honed over many years in the business. We’ve tried just about every trap out there, and the ones we use to get rid of moles today are only sold to professionals for Wildlife Control use. We install them underground and mark them with the flags used by utility companies, to keep pets and children safely away. It’s important that lawn mowers are kept at least a foot away from them to prevent their being set off accidentally.

When our customers see us in action, they know they’ve made the right call, and the difference between a real professional and a novice. If you’ve been beating your head against the wall, asking “HOW DO YOU GET RID OF MOLES???” you can relax. We are the answer.

Call Awesome Animal Control today. 866-604-6655.

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