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Twenty-five diseases — this is the number of diseases that rodents carry. Touching items contaminated by mice could lead to infection. Skin contact or a bite may give fever, muscle and joint pains, and when left untreated, it could create long-term damage. In short, a mouse in your home could cause serious health risks.

So you’ll need to have the rodent removed, especially when you’ve got children at home because they are more susceptible to some diseases carried by mice. How do you know you need professional mouse removal? Look for these top 10 signs.

  1. The Scratching Noise and Scampering Feet

Mice are usually active at night. They scamper and move about as you go to sleep. So don’t go to bed yet and instead listen well for noise between partition walls, under floorboards, in your basement or loft, and in false ceilings.

  1. The Grease Marks

Mice have oil and dirt in their coats, which leave visible grease marks when they get in through really small openings. Look for dark smears around holes or corners.

  1. The Gnaw Marks

Mice will chew wood and electrical wires. Recently gnawed wood will have a lighter color and darken with age.

  1. The Holes in Food Packaging

From bags of pet food to bags of rice or pasta, mice will nibble through food packaging. And droppings usually accompany these nibbles.

  1. The Droppings

Rodents are considered “prolific poopers,” which is already an unsettling thought. Look for small and dark droppings scattered about your cupboard, along walls, in old things like furniture, and on top of wall beams or studs.

  1. The Nests

Mice like soft, warm, and fuzzy “living spaces.” They’ll use furniture stuffing, quilt batting, or shredded paper to line their nests. Find nests in out-of-the-way places like under your stove, behind your fridge, in cabinets and closets, under floorboards, in cavity walls, and other similar places.

  1. The Urinating Pillars

Apparently, mice are “builders,” too. They make a structure out of dirt, grease, and urine, and it’s called the urinating pillar. It’s a mound that’s usually 4 cm high and 1 cm wide. This mound signals heavy infestation.

  1. The Daytime Appearance

When you see a mouse make a brazen daytime appearance, it also means you’ve got heavy infestation.

  1. The Musky Odor

Mice have distinctly strong, musky smell about them. The stronger the smell, the closer you get to the mice activity.

  1. The Pet Gone Wild

Finally, when your pet has gone wild, right around a specific area in your home, the crazy behavior means you’ve got mice — and that you need to call in the professionals who will remove the pests and restore your home to its pre-mice, healthy and safe state.

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