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 Beverly Shores, IN Wildlife Removal Services

Welcome to Awesome Animal Control, Northern Indiana’s favorite wild pest control service. Our list of satisfied customers grows daily because we’re great at what we do.

We offer:

  • Emergency wildlife removal services
  • Fast and friendly service that you can afford
  • Same day, 24 hour availability
  • Humane wildlife treatment

Whether you need mouse removal or dead animal removal, we’re your guys. We won’t pass up a job because it’s “too small” and we haven’t come across a problem that was too big for us to handle. Let us help you get rid of birds in your chimney, squirrels in the attic or whatever problem you have—there’s no better wild animal control service in Beverly Shores, Indiana.

Awesome Animal Control is an owner-operated business with decades of experience. We respect the animals and are experts at finding the most humane and ethical ways to help our customers get rid of them. An owner-operated business, we never subcontract the labor; you are guaranteed to have one of our experienced team members on the job. If you want the very best wild animal control and removal team around, look no further.

Call us locally at 866-604-6655. Anytime.

Common problems include:

  • Bats, squirrels and mice in attic
  • Weird noises in the attic or chimney


Contact an Awesome Animal Control professional today and let us handle your Beverly Shores, Indiana wild animal control needs immediately.

If you don’t see your city in our service areas, please call us at 866-604-6655.

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